This handbook serves as a resource for law enforcement when requesting Mustbin user data. It covers how Mustbin will work with law enforcement regarding these data requests at a high level. However, each case is specific, so Mustbin will treat them as such.

About Mustbin
Mustbin is an encrypted messaging and storage app for iOS and Android that enables people to save, send, and receive media and text messages privately and securely.

Complete User Privacy & Security
Mustbin is built to provide total privacy and security to its users. Content on the Mustbin platform is encrypted with AES-256 encryption and end-to-end encryption. User passwords and security questions are encrypted and saved in separate locations. This security architecture prevents us from accessing Mustbin users’ content in any fashion.

We will work with law enforcement to provide information our systems have been built to allow. However, there is currently no legal authority that requires Mustbin to change its software to access to users’ content. Therefore, we cannot provide any user content to law enforcement.

User Notification
As long as it’s legal for us to do so, we will notify our users when law enforcement has requested their data. We believe our users have the right to challenge requests for their data. We might delay notifying our users if a case involves deadly force, bodily injury, or children.

We Require Legal Documents for Any User Information
We will provide user information only when we are legally required to do so. Please provide the correct legal documents – subpoena, court order, or warrant – associated with the information you’re requesting. We scrutinize all requests to make sure they comply with the law to better protect our users’ rights.

Data Request Specificity
We believe law enforcement requests should be for a specific account for a specific investigation. Your requests should be focused on specific email addresses or Mustbin usernames. We will not respond to general requests or requests based on a user’s real name.

Mustbin will not provide any user information without legal obligation supported by probably cause.

Our Social Responsibility
We believe it’s important that law enforcement can carry out its investigations effectively and efficiently. When we are legally required to provide specific user information for a specific case, we will comply within the confines of the law.

Emergency requests
In an emergency, please contact us at for an expedited process.

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