Mustbin’s promise to you is to create the best experience for sharing private photos and messages. This includes privacy and security regarding government requests for data. To give you a clear view of how we handle these types of requests and how we’re working to protect your privacy and security, we’ve published our principles regarding government data requests.

Put Users First
Our guiding principle is to always put our users first. We will fight to protect your privacy. We’re committed to providing fundamental privacy and security to all of our users, regardless of their citizenship or where they live.

Fight for Specific Requests
We believe government requests should be limited to specific individuals and investigations. We will resist blanket government requests as much as the law will allow.

Alert Users First
As long as it’s legal for us to do so, we will tell you when the government requests your information before we comply with their request. We believe you have the right to challenge requests for your data and we will fight to give you this opportunity. We might delay notice in investigations involving the threat of death or bodily injury, or the exploitation of children.

Be Transparent
Twice a year, we will publish a transparency report. The report includes the number of government requests we’ve received, the number of accounts affected, and any other information that is legal for us to disclose. We will provide as much information as we legally can.

Require a Warrant for Content and Communication
Our platform is built to allow no one to access our users’ content, not even our employees. We have no knowledge of our users’ content. We will fully comply with lawful government requests, however, as long as there is no legal authority that requires us to rebuild out security architecture, there is no way for us to provide authorities with any user’s content or communication on Mustbin.

Oppose Mass Surveillance
Governments should limit surveillance to specific, known users for lawful purposes, and should not undertake bulk data collection of internet communications. We will oppose mass surveillance with our service and with the internet community.

Be a Service Everyone Can Trust
For Mustbin to truly work for you, you need to be able to trust it. We believe government backdoors into online services are illegal. We’re actively working to protect our systems from this type of government intrusion.

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