Always Have What’s Most Important

Secure password manager.
Digital wallet. Encrypted messenger.
Your mobile vault.

Protected with
Patented Encryption Technology

Military-grade encryption always keeps your information safe and secure

Even we can’t see your info

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Never forget another password again

All your passwords are just a few taps away, protected with military-grade encryption

Digitize your wallet

Your most important credit cards, IDs, and health insurance cards are always with you, even if you lose your wallet

Your privacy always comes first

We’re leading the industry in fighting for your privacy

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Your most important documents, in your pocket

Capture and save your most important documents with our secure camera

Automatic encrypted cloud sync

Everything you put in Mustbin is automatically backed up to the secure cloud, so even if you lose your phone you’ll never lose your information

Your photos and videos, encrypted and secured

Start with 8 GB of free encrypted cloud storage for your content

The most secure way to share sensitive information

Encrypted messaging is seamlessly integrated into Mustbin so you never have to leave our platform to share your passwords, cards, and more


Where do you keep your sensitive information?

There’s never been a better time to get Mustbin