Keep Your Private Life Private

Share what’s most important. All privately. All discreetly. All with your complete control.

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Create Private Social Networks

Create as many private social networks with as many people as you want. Each private social network is entirely unique, so only the people you want can see what you share.

Send Private Messages

Every conversation you have on Mustbin is behind a closed locked door. Even message notifications are obscured to maintain your privacy.

Share Photos and Files Privately

From photos, to PDFs, to important text notes, you can share them all privately with Mustbin. You never have to send an email, attach a file, or paste a link.

Capture Private Photos Privately

Don’t worry about your camera roll or photo stream when you capture photos in Mustbin – they’re always safe and private. And if you ever delete them, they’re gone for good.

Get True Privacy with the
Strongest Encryption

Everything in your Mustbin has military-grade AES-256 encryption and end-to-end encryption, so no one can ever see it. Not even Mustbin employees.