Introducing the World’s Most Secure Messages

Posted by Mustbin on 05/28/14 02:08 PM

Today we’re introducing some amazing new features to Mustbin. We can’t wait to show them to you!

First is Secure Messages, the world’s most secure messaging service. With Secure Messages, you can send any Mustbin user messages, knowing you have complete security and privacy. This is fantastic because now not only can you securely share what’s important, you can have conversations about it too. And, unlike other messaging services, Mustbin’s Secure Messages has end-to-end encryption on every message, so only the people you choose can see your messages. And, with permanent messages, your messages are always available, whenever you need them.

Today we’re also introducing Bin Sharing, the most secure way to share photos and documents with your phone. Select the bin you want to share, tap people from your contact list, and share away. Bins update in real-time, so you can share and receive important documents and photos super fast and easy. If you ever need to send someone a credit card or your social security number, or just want to securely share photos with a small group of people, Bin Sharing is the way do to it.

Secure Messages and Bin Sharing are amazing features we know you’ll love. Check them out with the 1.5 Mustbin update, or download Mustbin today.